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FALLING INTO PLACE: Local Author Offers Healing Through Connecting

By: Amie Rodgers

In January, local Author Marie Neumeier Rientord held a book signing in Springerville for her book, Falling Into Place: Healing Through Connecting. During a recent interview, Marie described the book as a result of over thirty years of practice as a psychotherapist, spiritual life teacher and Reiki Master-Teacher and facilitating nearly countless workshops, classes and international spiritual retreats. A White Mountain resident since 1995, Marie and her former husband Victor (co-founder of Rancho La Puente Healing Center and friend) came here to build a healing center. They came across a twenty acre spread sixteen miles out of Springerville in New Mexico and knew they had found what they were looking for. "The minute we drove into the gate, I just started crying because it was exactly what I had drawn in my journal. I didn't even have to go into the house. We bought it and it proved to be the exact right place for our healing center. We haven't built the building as of yet, but we will. The book had to come first," says Marie with a smile, "When I began working with people as a therapist and teacher of spiritual truth, I held workshops. After writing and giving so many workshops, Victor said I should compile them as a book. This was back in 1980. I finally realized that I needed to bring it all together and give it to people. I wanted it to be easy to read and down to earth when it came to the subject of healing. I am very happy with how it comes across. From people with Masters degrees to my grandchildren, I have received a lot of feedback that the book is easily understood. Wheather it is all assimilated or only the parts that are needed or easily handled, the information is available there. 


The book is described as a "sharing of ways ot heal by feeling connected to ourselves and to all other beings." In our interview, I asked Marie to talk about the idea of being connected. "The connectedness is based on the fact that we have all been one from the very moment we were created," explains Marie, "We were one with the creator. You can call that creator God, the source, etc. In order to have experiences, we have come into lower and lower dimensions and at some point, we forgot that we were one and connected. We felt separate. I feel that it is our work in our own spiritual growth and healing to remember... to find our way back to that feeling of connectedness." 


In order to become connected, Marie discusses the importance of working with your inner child. "I feel working with the inner child is probably the most important when it comes to connecting. Whatever happened to us as children (in terms of harm), we carry with us for the rest of our lives until we can move through it. We also carry the wonderful experiences of childhood, but the pain must be healed," notes Marie, "if we don't work on healing the inner child within us, it is very difficult to do any other spiritual work. I know people who have been on a spiritual path for years and years, but many times it is in their heads while there is a part of their hearts that remain unhealed. I feel that of anything I discuss in the book, working with our inner child is the most important thing we have to do." 


In addition to a variety of healing concepts, Marie also discusses the upcoming Age of Light. "I believe that the Mayans had knowledge of the changes that are going to be coming at the end of these cycles, which is coming on the winter solstice in 2012. The Mayan calendar is ending and we will beginning a new Age of Light. It is a beginning, not an end," says Marie, "We will see more cleansing in terms of what we see as devastation: floods, hurricanes, etc. These events will continue to happen as the Earth is cleansed to move into higher consciousness. Mother Earth is so full of old pain and a lot of it is from us. We have not treated her well. She has to be cleansed. I see this higher consciousness simply as love. We will learn to live in love and peace instead of hate and war. I see 2012 as a kind of culmination. I see that more and more love is going to come about between now and 2012. The Age of Light is an era of love. The fear people feel needs to be released."


Although this book is an "easy read," some of the concepts put forth can raise more than just a few questions. As a local author, Marie is available to answer questions and you can meet her in person at upcoming Reiki Healing Circles and classes held at Rancho La Puente Healing Center. "I would like to ask my readers to read with an open mind and heart. If there are parts that are difficult for them and they want to ask me questions, they can call me. I believer their higher selves will help them see the parts that they need to see," says Marie. 


Falling into Place: Healing Through Connecting is available o The easiest way to search it is through Marie's last name. The cover price is $17 plus shipping. For more information, contact Marie at 575-773- 4840 or visit

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