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"With Mary's guidance I am looking at 70 years of patterns and beliefs that I once accepted without question. Along the way, the pain of living In this world has of course taken its toll. Reiki has allowed me to see that authentic self love and compassion are available to us. With Mary's gifts of wisdom, empathy and compassion, I have been surprised, enlightened, and amazed at what happens when the energy is flowing. She has guided me through some very transformative discoveries. Words cannot adequately convey my gratitude for Mary and Reiki to help allow for so much healing to occur, not just for myself but in my family as well. Everyone should experience being on the Reiki table!"

Becky B.

"It is hard to write a small testimonial, because Reiki is no small thing! It has changed me. You can’t help but be more grateful, more giving, more loving. Reiki excavates the negative energy right out of the muscles, nerves, organs, cells. It frees you to be the person you were always meant to be. It touches the mind, body and spirit within; to heighten you. You can’t help to be more than you were. You do become more spiritual, you do become more aware of self-care and care of your fellow humans. You do love more fully. 'Reiki for Life,' that is my mantra. It takes you through hard places to release them. But you do get through them. I believe in Reiki so much that I will become a Reiki master this year to help heal others, to help heal our Earth. My heart is so open and I want others to know how much more they can feel and how much more they can be. I am amazed at how connected we really all are! Sometimes words just do not do Reiki justice because it’s so beyond words. It is for the highest and greatest good of each of us. It has forever changed me. I never felt I belonged. That’s what the negative energy does to you and your body. It gives us false views of ourselves and others. Reiki clears all of that. Yes, you work at it, but Reiki guides you along. It takes away your fear. I truly feel I am home in my body on this earth with the Divine working through me with Reiki. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Pamela T.

"Words cannot express my gratitude for the day the Universe placed me in the hands and loving space Mary holds. When I found her I was in EXTREME need. Now, years later, she is still my Reiki Master, I am so blessed to also have her as my teacher, life coach per se, and most importantly my role model. I had forgotten how important and necessary role models are. I am truly blessed for finding one of a kind in Mary. LOVE YOU!"

Terah S.

"I was fortunate enough to hear about Mary Sotelo, from 2 separate individuals 2 years ago. At the time, I knew very little about Reiki. I had no idea how Reiki could positively impact my mind,  body and  overall wellbeing. Mary’s authenticity as a healer and desire to teach provides a level of comfort that allows you to experience the gift of Reiki. I am a Type 2 diabetic and have been very resistant to managing the disease. I am still a type 2 diabetic but I take less medication and I am physically more active than ever before. I am more in tune with my body and my emotions and able to respond rather than react to life’s curve balls. I credit Mary and Reiki for all of this and more. Mary is dedicated  to guiding you on your healing path. Mary’s knowledge and ability to address my specific needs and issues provides confidence that when she is working with me I am the most important person at that time. I do not like to think where I would be if I had not been introduced to Mary and Reiki.  My husband and my daughters are so thankful for the healing she has given me as they too experience the difference in me."

Kelley B.

"Our Reiki session brought such healing and strength and clarity and courage. Thank you for helping me open to a fuller state of healing and expression of soul purpose. Thank you for sharing tools and knowledge to navigate this soul existence. Thank you for listening to me, affirming my need to grieve, cultivating a space to grieve, and celebrating with me. Natotela Sana - Thank you. Keep shining!"

Stephanie A.

"A friend suggested I do a Reiki series with Mary Sotelo to guide me through some personal issues that I was dealing with, which stemmed from my childhood. I had been living with these roadblocks for my entire adult life. I would have never believed that I could have moved past them with the help of Reiki. Due to Mary's encouragement, kind words and understanding, the trajectory of my life and decision-making processes have changed my life for the better. I am beyond grateful for Mary's expertise and grace for guiding me towards a healthy path."

Brooke B.

"Mary Sotelo’s exceptional abilities as a Reiki guide and teacher are evident in her deep knowledge of the subject. She made the class enjoyable, interesting and especially healing. She imparted poignant information for each student throughout  the class.  Mary went above and beyond in each student’s Reiki session, making sure she had given a thorough and complete healing while giving detailed teaching lessons. It was truly amazing to see the positive changes that each student experienced. Mary’s professionalism and caring are evident in every aspect of her teaching and powerful healing abilities."

 Patricia S.

"Mary is such an incredible gift! I've always felt I needed to go deeper into my healing and processing of past 'trama' but never seemed to reach what I was seeking. With the guidance and support Mary has given through Reiki and most specifically inner child work, I've been able to embark on my higher purpose in ways I've only been dreaming of. As a massage therapist I've studied Reiki for 12 years but never felt the support and connection with the teachings of Reiki until I took workshops with Mary. My growth and expansion into this beautiful healing art has opened up more love, light and peace into my practice. In much love and gratitude on this journey!"

Tara T.

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