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Introduction to Energy Healing

In level one, you will discover how this healing energy relieves stress and aids in selfhealing by helping you feel relaxed and balanced within.  The Level I focus is mainly on the physical body and healing ourselves.


In this informational and experiential workshop, you will learn the history of Reiki, understand the energy centers of the body called chakras, experience the first attunement, and learn how to experience the replenishing energy of Reiki through the self healing protocol – supporting restoration to balance daily.


You will also learn about the “Five Reiki Principals” developed by Dr. Usui to emphasize the importance of a person’s participation in his or her own healing process.  This class will conclude with experiencing the giving and receiving of Reiki.



Reiki Practitioner

In Reiki I, you learned the history of Reiki and gained an understanding of its practice. You were “attuned” to practice self-healing with this “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy”.  The Reiki II attunement opens you to the limitless possibilities of healing yourself and others using the Sacred Symbols of Reiki.


In this experiential workshop you will learn the meaning and application of the sacred symbols for treating self, others, and distance Reiki treatments, learn and to use a pendulum to read the chakras, discuss designing a Reiki session and practice giving and receiving of Reiki. In the Second Degree attunement, you will experience a greater level of energy and healing intensity.  The completion of Reiki II brings you to the Reiki Practitioner level.


Reiki III A Master Class

"Reiki III A Master Class is for those who have made the decision to transform their lives by using Spiritually Guided Universal Life Force energy for their own and others’ healing.” ( – Classes and Events Tab)


In the Reiki IIIA intensive, you will be attuned at a Master level which means taking responsibility for our life situations, our need for healing (rebalancing), and allowing ourselves to move toward living our Higher Purpose in life.  We will practice Reiki to clear old energy patterns that are inhibiting us from the transformation we seek to move on our path.


In this experiential workshop you will explore a deeper connection to your Higher Self and Higher Purpose through meditation, learn the meaning and application of the Healing Master Symbols, and experience giving and receiving Reiki.


Reiki III B ~ Reiki Master Teacher

As Reiki Master-Teachers we are taking the gift and grace of Reiki to others.  Reiki III B is for those who wish to teach Reiki and continue their own Reiki healing and spiritual transformation.  


This will be an informational and experiential workshop to learn how to pass the attunements of the Three Degrees of Reiki.  As Reiki Master Teachers we are deepening our commitment of that decision as a Reiki Master to live Reiki as a way of life – to inspire, to guide, and to heal every aspect of our lives.

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