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“Dr. Mikao Usui, an energy healer and student of metaphysics, received a vision at Mount Kurama, Japan, in 1914.  He felt the great flow of additional Reiki energy enter his crown chakra, and soon discovered that his healing abilities were greatly enhanced.  Dr. Usui opened several clinics in Japan and trained 16 Reiki Master-Teachers before his death in 1926.



Reiki was brought to the west by Madame Hawayo Takata of Hawaii, who went to one of the Reiki clinics in Japan seeking healing.  Her experiences inspired her to become a Reiki Master and Teacher.  She opened several clinics in Hawaii and eventually trained and initiated 22 Reiki Master-Teachers.  Today there are thousands of Reiki Practitioners and Masters around the world, and millions have experienced the healing power of Reiki.” 

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