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Reiki is “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.  Reiki energy permeates all life.  Reiki is a Japanese word coined by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s after his lifelong quest to re-discover this lost ancient healing art of hands on healing.  “Rei” means cosmic knowledge or coming from Spirit.  “Ki” means Life Force Energy.  Life Force Energy is referred to in all cultures and wisdom traditions and is utilized in all hands on healing modalities.  History of Reiki 


Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) is the energy that gives us life.  It is the energy that flows through all life forms here on earth and in our universe.  It is the energy that flows through each plant and flower and tree on our magnificent planet.  It moves through the rocks and rivers, the rain and rainbows, the rays of the sun and the light of the moon.  


Reiki energy is within us – each and every one of us.  Reiki is our Life Force Energy.  It is the Spirit within us – the spirit within us that gives us life. Reiki is Love energy.  Reiki is Divine energy.   Additional Reiki energy for healing or rebalancing is available to everyone.  Reiki is for Everyone


Reiki is a healing art utilizing Reiki (Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy), to heal and balance the body on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Reiki is channeled from the Universe into the crown chakra and out through the hands.  


Dr. Mikao Usui is who we honor today for bringing back to us an awareness and connection to this gift of grace.  It is our innate birthright to heal.  When we feel connected to ourselves, to others, to our earth, and Divine Source – we restore balance within us and we allow healing.  Excerpts taken from Falling Into Place – Healing Through Connecting, by Marie Nuemeir Rientord 


The attunements given to Reiki I students, Reiki II students and Masters open and clear the channel, increasing ones ability to access this additional flow of energy.  



Health & Wholeness is our Birthright!

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